OFF THE CHAIN BAILBONDS and warrant services in Jacksonville Florida


Below is a link that will take you to our form for individuals who are ready for business.  You will simply enter the required information and click send. Our staff will then contact you and arrange to have your loved one out in a "Duval Minute."  Please click below.


Do you think you have an issue and don't want to be arrested just for asking?  Click the link below and complete the form.  We can not only inform you of your warrant status we can also fix it. 




This link takes you directly to the Duval County Sheriff's inmate search.  After checking on your loved one, give us a call or simply fill out the contact form and we will call you to make the releasing arrangements.



When you have a loved one who have been arrested getting them "Off The Chain" is your top priority.  No one wants to stay in jail any longer than they have to.  We understand this and therefore will do what it takes to get you home.  We have been serving Duval and the surrounding communities since 2001.  We have flexible terms and a clear understanding of what it takes to get the job done.  Our experience, understanding and concern for our clients has allowed us to be passionate about what we really do.  Getting out of jail is only a means to an end.  At Off The Chain Bail Bonds we realize the true goal is to put lives and families back together.  Hopefully you will never need us, but if you do we thank you for allowing us the opportunity to help.

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